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"The G Circle" offers quarterly workshops and coaching that is designed to accelerate results in your business and personal life


Limited to an exclusive group of serious players, our quarterly in-person workshops allow you to become immersed in the strategy and planning of your life and business while connecting with your coach and other entrepreneurs.




Members of this Exclusive Circle Will:

Get a consistent workshop experience so you can lock in protected, predictable thinking time throughout the year

Develop new mindsets, ideas, insights and strategize on what's most pressing in your business right now

Be a part of a community of high level, like-minded business owners where you'll experience peer support, accountability and inspiration to support your next stage of growth

Have an experienced coach that understands the challenges unique to your business, and can offer objective feed back and fresh perspectives

Receive one on one support to help you tackle your specific needs and questions, and celebrate your wins and successes.

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Meet Coach Kendall Ficklin

My name is Kendall Ficklin. I started the G Circle to help develop and connect high performing, self-aware, and impactful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Leaders around the world.

My mission is to give you the tools, resources and connections you need to expand, grow and have it all in business and life. We cover important topics like: Leadership, Health, Relationships, Purpose, Self-Mastery, Wealth and of course Business

I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for nearly 30 years working with, developing, and supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners in living their best lives through 1:1 coaching, group work, retreats and masterminds.

You’re wondering, what makes you the expert? Well, the short answer is, I’m not. I’m simply someone who has dedicated and invested an immense amount of time, effort, energy and money towards figuring out how to get the most from myself, my relationships, and my life.


So if you’re looking to get the most out of yourself, find your purpose, live it, have amazing relationships, and build a highly successful and profitable business than you’re in the right place!


Join me, my team and other purpose driven leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners inside The GRINDATION Circle

See you on the inside, Kendall

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Get Serious About Your Growth!

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